F*ck My Life (FML)

CounterPULSE, SF (2012) & The Wild Project, NYC (2013)

Written and performed by Xandra Ibarra, directed by Evan Johnson


F*ck My Life (FML) is a mute spectacle that explores the backstory and failure of Xandra Ibarra’s burlesque persona, La Chica Boom. Using evocative sound montage, critical political imagery, and fast paced physical theatrics, FML chronicles Ibarra’s early ambition to use burlesque “spictacles” to undermine her audience’s Mexiphobic gaze. With astute direction from Evan Johnson, Ibarra reveals her incompatible relationship with her audience and the emotional toll that her spictacles have had over the past ten years of her burlesque life. By juxtaposing her story with the rumored death of Hollywood’s “Mexican Spitfire” Lupe Velez, who purportedly died with her head in the toilet, La Chica Boom foreshadows the destiny of her burlesque persona-she becomes a a cockroach: reviled and untamable.